Picabo Street Alpine, Olympic Gold Medalist, World Champion

Picabo Street

“Peek” is an apt nickname for Picabo Street, a free-spirited woman who spent much of her life racing down mountain peaks. From the time she was a young girl in Sun Valley, Idaho, Picabo (a Native American word meaning “shining waters”) gravitated to speed and competition, often playing with the boys, and beating them. Her bold skiing led her to the U.S. Ski Team at fifteen years of age, to Olympic silver in 1994, and to gold in the 1998 Olympics. Along the way Picabo ruled women’s World Cup downhill, becoming the first U.S. woman ever to win the World Cup downhill title in 1995. She repeated that feat in 1996, and snagged the World Championship title as well. Since retiring from ski racing in 2002, Picabo has taken on family life, raising her three sons and splitting her time between Alabama and Park City. She showed she’s still got serious grit by competing in the military combat TV show Stars Earn Stripes.

Gear Inspired by Picabo

Snowflake Turtleneck
Snowflake Turtleneck

Picabo’s cozy snow-white sweater is perfect for someone who made her name on the slopes.