• Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Reversible Cable Scarf
  • Reversible Cable Scarf

Reversible Cable Scarf

A reversible cable and a variegated wool-blend yarn are the perfect combo for color, texture, and warmth.

The Yarn

Red Heart Boutique Treasure

Red Heart Boutique Treasure - 1930 Horizon

How to get the pattern:

The pattern is available in the book Stitch Mountain.
Want a pattern you can download to work on today? Check out the Free Stitch Mountain Patterns

The Designer

Lorna Miser

Lorna Miser makes her home in Folsom, CA not far from the famous Prison. She was inspired and encouraged to knit by talented women, her Mom and her Grandmother and a mentor, Ida. At one time she took knitting to the extreme by raising sheep, llamas and angora rabbits, spinning their wool and dying it. Lorna's three kids and now four grandkids all wear the evidence of her work (and love).
Now you will see Lorna's name on yarn labels of the company she founded, Lorna's Laces, though she sold that company. She works full time as an independent knit and crochet designer, working for various publishers and yarn companies. Look for Lorna in knitting books and magazines, or knitting and laughing with friends, or maybe cruising in her purple 65 convertible mustang! Be sure to say hi!

Inspired By

Alice McKennis:
Alpine, World Cup downhill winner

Alice McKennis

“I made a scarf like this one winter while I was on the road in Europe racing. I wanted to travel with knitted blanket but traveling with two duffel bags, two pairs of ski boots and fifteen pairs of ski boots didn't give me a lot of extra room for a luxury like that! So I decided to make a huge extra-wide scarf that I could bundle myself up in after a freezing day on the slopes or when I had long car rides from one mountain to the next. The scarf is like a mini blanket but I still can wear it out and about when it is cold and it gives me some of that home comfort feeling when I'm thousands of miles away from Colorado!”

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