• Ribbed Ski Cap
  • Ribbed Ski Cap
  • Ribbed Ski Cap
  • Ribbed Ski Cap

Ribbed Ski Cap

A folded-under brim in a contrasting color adds extra warmth and extra style to a classic ribbed beanie.

The Yarn

Rowan Lima Rowan Lima

Rowan Lima - 891 La Paz, 893 Argentina

How to get the pattern:

The pattern is available in the book Stitch Mountain.
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The Designer

Alex Tinsley

Alex Tinsley lives and works in Michigan with her husband and two dogs. She graduated with a degree in psychology (still in mint condition!) from Reed College, after dinking around at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and Kenyon College for a while. She has been knitting since about 2004, and designing since about 2006. She has had patterns published in Knitty, Knit Simple, the Knit Picks Independent Designer Program, the book "60 Quick Knits", Malabrigo Book 4, and Interweave Knits. She is currently working on a multi-designer book of post-apocalyptic knitwear with Cooperative Press, and she is also the state-side correspondant (ie, the project coordinator) for Malabrigo yarns. She owns upwards of 100 handmade hats and is not even a little ashamed to wear them in July.

"I was inspired both by practicality (luscious warm alpaca, a double-thick brim for the ears) and the classic "ski/snowboard" hat I see in my head when I picture my ski-bum friends and I out on the slopes back in high school. Simple, timeless, cozy, and flattering (even though you'd never admit you liked it that way! But we all secretly thought we looked pretty awesome in our snow pants and goggles.)"

Inspired By

Edie Thys Morgan
Alpine, Olympian, Author

Edie Thys Morgan

Edie's hat is inspired by her first Squaw Valley Ski Team hat: "It was my first "team" hat at Squaw Valley and we all wore them. It's not home knit but I always wanted a homemade version."

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