Jimmy's Ski Condo, Martis Camp Gated Community, the Lost Library

  • Location: Laura’s vacation home – ski lease at Squaw
  • Morning: Hair and Makeup 30 minutes each – 4 hours total
  • Anna made the crew some breakfast – eggs with Brussel Sprouts (got to start out on a healthy note) and coffee, of course!
  • Everyone tried on different outfits while Anna and Kaity figured out what looked best on whom; they then accessorized each outfit for each girl. Kaity kept track of the garments we were modeling and everything that went with the particular look on her handy little clipboard! She organized each look with a picture of the knit garment and notes she had made of every piece of clothing/shoes/accessories that went with them. Yep, Kaity is truly an organizational extraordinaire!
  • Brad headed outside with Annie and Emma and was able to take some great shots right outside Laura’s house! The back deck was a great spot for shooting. There is this little pathway from her backyard that leads out to the dock on the water, which is where we got to shoot some great pictures. This spot quickly became one of our favorite spots to hang out at nighttime after a long day of work.
  • After getting some great early morning shots around Laura’s property, we all loaded up the clothes, food and equipment and drove right over to Martis Camp – a really beautiful gated community by the lake.
  • We were lucky enough to be able to shoot in a gorgeous fully furnished mansion and we took advantage of all its great rooms with huge bay windows that let in a ton of light. That’s where we got pictures of Reka on the windowsill, and in her regal yellow sweater. Once we were done shooting inside the house, we packed up some of the looks we needed, touched up hair and makeup, and then drove just up the road to The Lost Library. This was one of our favorite places to shoot for the book since it was a quaint little cabin in the woods – complete with a porch swing that our lovely models got to pose on. The kitchen was fully stocked with water and coffee, which was very much appreciated since we all got going at 7 in the morning!
  • At The Lost Library, we utilized the space just right. Not only did this location provide a cozy place to shoot pictures on its wraparound porch but the scenery surrounding the building was simply gorgeous. That’s where we got to shoot Annie snowshoeing, knitting on the front porch rail and sitting with Emma on the swing and Cass tossing snow!
  • When the first day’s shoot ended, the models parted ways back to Reno, and Kaity, Anna, Brad and Michael headed back to the ski lease. Laura Zander drove home to tuck in Huck!
Day Two - Coming Soon!